We are different because we have managed hundreds of different projects and we have the experience and knowledge to get you the answers you want. Sometimes you need a third party to give their opinion to make sure that both sides can accomplish their part.

Industries ServedĀ 

Water and Wastewater



Food/Agriculture /Protein

General Manufacturing




Renewable Energy

Consulting Services

Opinion of Cost

Conduct a detailed estimate of project(s) cost through evaluation of:

  • Quantity survey
  • Critical supply chain
  • Project risk identification
  • General expense and construction equipment
  • Project duration

Construction Proposal Evaluation

  • Assessment of Supply Chain Qualifications
  • Evaluation and Scoring of Construction Proposal Response

Contract Scope review

Review of work packages and contract elements to identify scope gap and scope overlaps


  • Creation and management of construction schedules
  • Manpower, billing, and cash flow forecasts

Construction Contract Risk Review

Review of construction contracts for strategic risk transfer review (avoid inflated risk related costs)

3D and 4D Modeling

  • Creation of 3D models
  • Clash detection for project design elements
  • Visual representation and sequencing of project design components through time

Value Engineering

Review construction documents for cost and schedule savings through alternative means and methods to proposed design

Drafting Support

Assisting in the design preparation of technical drawings

Project Logistics Analysis

Analysis of the movement of materials and equipment:

  • From manufacture origination to jobsite
  • Jobsite access to site storage / final installation location

Jobsite traffic, delivery, storage, and equipment access drawings and strategies

Safety Reviews

Site safety plan development and evaluation

Project Risk Analysis

Comprehensive review of project materials, process equipment, logistics, and methods to identify key project Factors for Success

Project Performance Audits

  • Review project documents and identify performance challenges
  • Conduct premobilization and post project reviews
  • Implementation of production engineering methodology